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About Qingye Energy

Established in March 2009, Shanghai Qingye Energy Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in technology development, technology promotion and service in the energy field.  Shanghai Qingye Energy Co., Ltd. received the letter of approval to listing issued by the National Equities Exchange and Quotations on July 22, 2016. The company's shares have been officially listed and publicly transferred in the National Equities Exchange and Quotations since August 3, 2016.  Its security is abbreviated as Qingye Energy, with the company code of 838481. The company is mainly engaged in the promotion of new technology and equipment in the field of coal chemical industry, the promotion and service of oil sludge treatment technology and wastewater treatment technology.  Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to technological innovation as the core of development and holds a number of patents.  The company has always adhered to the principles of standardized operation and stable operation, forge ahead, steadily develop, and constantly develop and grow.

The company is mainly committed to:
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    Introduction of foreign high-tech products

    The company introduces, develops and sells the latest foreign technology and equipment for application in relevant domestic engineering projects through the company's technology and sales platform, combined with the practical application in the field of domestic energy and environmental protection.

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    Export of domestic advanced technology and experience

    In the field of energy and environmental protection, it has extensive exchanges and cooperation with well-known domestic engineering and technology companies, scientific research institutes and colleges of higher learning, and has established a good partnership to provide relevant technical consultation, technical sales and technical services for the export and application of its scientific research achievements and high-tech to foreign markets. 

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    Engineering services for energy and environmental protection

    It is engaged in technical consultation, technical sales, complete set integration of equipment, technical training and after-sales service of engineering projects related to energy and environmental protection and specific in petroleum and chemical industries. 

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    Technology R&D and investment

    Meanwhile, the company is committed to technology R&D investment in the field of energy and environmental protection, as well as investment in relevant technical fields and other industries beneficial to improving social and economic benefits.